Thursday, 18 January 2007

Google Earth

A brief message from the module leader:

This term , we will be studying a number of XML 'vocabularies' or languages. One which has received a great deal of attention is kml - keyhole mark-up language. Keyhole Corp was acquired by Google in 2004 and their software is the basis of GoogleEarth (GE). kml is the XML language which defines user additions called 'overlays' to the base digital imagery. A kml file is created when you create placemarks and other features in GE and save them as a file. kml is the plain text format, and kmz is a zip compressed format. These files can then be shared by providing a link on a web site, or adding to a GE community site. Moreover kml files can now be accessed by GoogleMap.

Where location data for a subject of interest is available from another source, kml can be generated dynamically using a server-side script such as PHP or XQuery. This is the aspect which we will be exploring in tutorials.


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