Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Week 18 - XSLT

XSLT is a rather different language for transforming XML documents than XQuery, but it shares much of the same functionaility. It is more widely used than XQuery partly because there are a number of XSLT processors readily available to use server-side and browsers now include an XSLT processor so that the transformation can be made in the client.

I also want show how XML schemas can be used - for validation of an XML document, and in InfoPath to create a data entry form.


Based on the sample data, stylesheet and CSS in this directory

1. Copy these files to a directory of your own. There is a zip of the files you need.

2. Test distillery-2.xml to make sure it is working as it does in my directory

3. Make a simple modifucation to the CSS to change the output

4. Add another simple template to the XSLT to display another item of information in the file.

5. Modify the stylesheet for distilleries to display

6. Use InfoPath to create a simple form for either the whisky data or for your own data.

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