Friday, 27 October 2006

Group Allocations

Here are the group allocations for the first assessment - if you are not down here and on the course it is very important that you attend the tutorial on the 3rd of November to be assigned a group.

Group A: Michael Wiggins, Phil Neath, James Hanson, Farhan Maswood (4) - Phototurk
Group B: Keir Moffat, Carl Webster, Adam Barnwell (3) - Ticklr
Group C: Craig Sperrings, Alistair Philipps, Mike Cox, Gurdev Singh (4) - Lil Flickr
Group D: Harpal Singh, Tom Piccarilli, Jay Pick, Luke Taylor (4) -
Group E: Nikki Mackenzie, Ian Wingfield, Fahmida Noor, Nitendra Gurung (4) - Photoshare
Group F: Jessie Owen, Tyra Yu Zhang, Tom Lopez, Gary Herbert (4) - Flipr
Group G: David Wilson, Iain Rose, Nathan Agland, Mathew Tanner (4) - Flickd
Group H: Chris Cutler, Jason Brady, Craig Poole, John Paul Vargheese (4) - Picture Perfect
Group I: Joe Lam, Elspeth Limer, Ady Harold, Charles Lindores (4) - Fickr

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