Friday, 20 October 2006

Week 4 Abstraction layers

This week we move up the abstraction layers to look at conceptual modelling. In particular we look at Entity-Relationship Modelling (ERM) and the use of a case tool QSEE which we will use. Shortly the emphasis will be on using QSEE to create a Relational database, but at present we will use QSEE to record our understanding of the underlying data structures required to support Flickr.

In the tutorial we will be forming groups to undertake the first coursework. These groups will be selected to get a mixing of backgrounds and technical skills.

To get the basic use of QSEE sorted, you will be using this package to diagram the KML folder description from the lecture.

  • A Folder has a name and contains zero, one or more PlaceMarks and some Styles
  • A Placemark has attributes of :
    • A name
    • A description
    • A position defined by its longitude, latitude and Altitude, each represented by a signed decimal number
  • Each Placemark belongs tojust one Folder
  • A Style defines the appearance of one or more placemarks
    • the symbol to show as a jpeg image
    • the size,
    • the foreground and background colours.
  • Each Placemark has a Style
The QSEE package includes some excellent help files and examples and I have supplemented this with some additional notes. We expect that you will use QSEE to document your understanding of the Flickr application before using it in a model-driven mode to create your own version of Flickr.

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